Specializing in various areas of the law

We specialize in various areas of the law at reasonable tariffs. Some of the areas we specialize in are Commercial Contracts, Commercial Litigation and Commercial Debt Collections, Insolvency Law: Sequestrations, Liquidations and Rehabilitations, Administration of Deceased Estates, Wills and Estate Planning (Asset Structuring), High Court Litigation and Divorces, change of Matrimonial System, Cohabitation Agreements and Property Law and Transfers.


  • Specific law covering the broad areas of business, commerce and consumer transactions.
  • Rights, relations, and conduct of businesses engaged in commerce, trade, and sales.
  • Securing the distribution of a debtor’s assets where they are insufficient to meet the claims of all his creditors.

High Court

  • A legal document that forms the building blocks to your estate plan and administration.
  • Resolving disputes by filing or answering complaints through the public court system.
  • Your rights when you get divorced. Maintenance issues such as child support, etc.